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Flat roofing is a familiar sight throughout Louisville, KY. Any typical building, warehouse, school, or apartment building usually features a flat roof. Why? Because flat roofing is easier to install over large surfaces.

Flat roofing is everywhere in commercial properties, but what about homes? You may ask yourself: is a flat roof a good choice for my house? Is it an expensive alternative? Is it harder to install and maintain?

Even though flat roofs are ideal for drier landscapes, in weather conditions with heavy precipitation, a properly installed flat roof can be a fine choice for a homeowner. It is all thanks to newer flat roof construction, made to be waterproof, as well as foolproof installation techniques.

Red Roofing & Construction LLC is your best choice for every flat roofing need. We are residential and commercial roofing contractors, serving clients with outstanding quality!

Add Functionality To Your Spaces

Flat roofing is attractive and a great choice aesthetically, giving any property a unique form. If you want to enjoy your landscape or cityscape around your property, a flat roof can help complement that without affecting the view.

Flat roof space, unlike a steeply pitched roof, is usable space. Most of the square footage of a flat roof is available for many uses, such as a garden, rooftop patio, and solar panels. Any of these additions will require design considerations such as guardrails or other safety protections using more heavy-duty materials to handle roof traffic and weight. 

Special permits may be required from the local building authority. Still, these efforts may result in an entirely new property feature to enjoy with family and friends.

Add Durability To Your Spaces

Whether choosing a roof design for a new home, a flat roof extension, replacing, repairing, or installing a flat roof, Red Roofing & Construction LLC offers solutions for your investment.

Not only can we install every type of flat roofing material, such as PVC flat roof or an EPDM flat roof. We provide the entire scope of roofing services, offering every flat roofing solution in one place:

  • Flat roof repair in case of flat roof damage
  • Flat roof replacement
  • Flat roof installation
  • We also provide regular inspection and maintenance.

flat roofing

All the usable space and ease of installation make flat roofing a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial projects. Our experience, the modern materials we utilize, and our application techniques make every project a viable, protective, and long-lasting alternative to pitched roof counterparts. If you require flat roofing services, contact us today!

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